The One Where They Fought the Dragon

by Porchlord

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I guess our day has come today Let's get it moving along There hasn't been a chance in a while Without a chance to get it wrong I want to stay. Please, just one more day But that's not how it goes, so we'll be on our way I want to stay. Please, just one more day There's still a bigger role that we've been wanting to play It's just like slaying a dragon You find the spot's that weak You find your sharpest point And drive it ruthlessly There and back again For guts or glory But don't think my name matters As much as the story
Flakes Away 02:52
It's triple digits outside And I'm sweating it out All the regrets that I can't get To leave my mouth Can someone say what the sun's Supposed to be all about Removing liquid from my head And then refilling it with doubt But I was on the way out I was on the way out Oh I long for the shade I could never survive In this heat I'm afraid Oh God, please just one moment Of reprieve from smarting pain Cause my skin is peeling back As death flakes away With one last cigarette burning out I find the strength inside myself To go outside and face the heat In crippling defeat I was sweating it out I was sweating it out
Rounds 02:18
I'm so spent so tired of Lost my faith in lectures on Getting old Over overconfidence Pissed away like money spent I blew it all This cracked skull syndrome Has become my alarm Paralyzed yet restless So I know it won't be long Till every inch feels like A mile too far And when I see spinning stars I hope I don't wake up beneath the bars From on top of the world There's no coming down (Another round) Even when spirits break There's a crashing sound (Another round) Slurring my words Like I'm blacking out (Another Round) Baptizing sorrows Till we fall to the ground
P.S.C.G. 02:07
I was looking for a place to be I found a little place to hide out In the middle of the city And it's not too far from where I live And it's not too far from where I conduct business A little place no matter how shorted lived Could be a sanctuary At least for this year Smoke signal's burning It's calling me out And my heart is yearning To tear down this town Break this foundation Send dust to the sky And in my elation I let out a cry I can't wait to die These words are stuck in my mouth I fill my lungs with dust so I can cough them out My eyes might be black My nose my be broke But I've got to say What you need to know And though it might hurt With my fist toward the sky I proudly procliam That I'll brawl till I die
I've been learning how to breathe An out of practice memory Or a fading dream A muffled scream Wake me up These hopes are failing faster Than I could ever see Is this a memory Or a part of me? We are stuck in a genre years gone I've been screaming But no one's listening Am I in the wrong to even write this song at all? I'm wondering if I should have Spoke my mind at all These insecurities Are a part of me
My northern exposure is draining my southern comfort And I'm trying hard to smile But dishonesty honestly Hasn't been in style Unwise to create, but the feeling Is complicated And I'm just a wrecking ball I never cared enough to think About it at all So what did you think was going to happen? What did you think that was going to prove? So long, and thank you for trying I wish I could say that this was worth dying for I could have sworn fire burned more I don't know, maybe I've just lost my nerves This overwhelming sensation Is hard to put in words Hours past since we passed the test And I have come to the conclusion This is how it was always going to end Because I found my place My place in line Tears fell from my face And turned into wine My feet became a shrine To every day we spent With armor on Preparing for The coming storm We could never have seen this But I'm glad I can see it now
When I see a new face Nostalgia hits my chest Cause I know what they bring Will only be second best at best It's impossible to connect In a way that takes me back To that little speck Of a house On a street In a city I used to live, but I digress As I mull over the countless days Since I left Suddenly I am older I felt bolder in the light Yet my bones are shivering On a summer night I have not seen someone civilized In such a long time And I'm not looking forward To crossing that line But the city is different I swear it's not my eyes But the people we all know and love will Never know our separate lives I'm not the one who changed I swear to God I'm not the one who changed


Recorded and produced at the Beat Lab by Scott Gardner.


released January 9, 2014

Vocals and Guitar - Aaron
Guitar - Dalton
Bass - Evan
Drums - Tim




Porchlord Bowling Green, Kentucky

We're a kind of pop punk band from Bowling Green, KY.

Aaron - Vocals/Guitar
Dalton - Guitar
Evan - Bass
Tim - Drums

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