.​.​.​Or Else!

by Porchlord

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Or Else 03:09
I can barely seem to find A way to keep scraping by Just leave me here And let me unwind Cause there’s a method to all this mess I let emotion burn when I decompress I inhale and I let it envelope my chest again Maybe one time maybe ten Until I’m seeing red Then rinse and repeat until I go to bed I’ve been wearing out my throat Over obsessing, losing hope These knots can’t be untied I’ll just run and hide I’ll see you whenever Afraid of failure, afraid to try To make a change means changing sides I hear you when you cry “You better get it right, or else” but whatever I tend to overcompensate Without thinking I leave it to fate By ignoring the signs Until it’s too late And then a pattern begins to emerge I scream as loud as I can til my soul is purged Every wound is earned and every stone unturned A new lesson is sure to be learned I keep on telling myself that it will one day be done This will end and will not mean a thing to anyone
Wasted light Gone away Maybe I’ll live to see another day Empty hearts On display Showing off everything we’ve gained There’s no fucking comfort in pride or shame But I feel release when I throw out blame That’s how I never make mistakes Circumstance Twist of fate Always falling short and running late Can’t always Turn the phrase When confronted I just run away Maybe one day I’ll find the strength And maybe one day I’ll fall and break my neck Maybe, one day, I’ll follow the beating in my chest I wish that it could stay this calm Oh, but peace like this only comes Before it goes wrong I’m waiting but I won’t wait long Until it picks up momentum and smashes Into a wall And you could calculate At what force I’d disintegrate But it doesn’t put me back together again As a whole or a part of what’s called a man There’s no denying my simple nature To place the blame on everyone Because I know it’s their fucking fault A pen’s not sharper than a sword These words fall on deaf ears by the score I can’t make up for what I’ve done But closure is closure, and I’m one step closer To having some
The winds of change keeping knocking me to the ground The passing years have tarnished my view of this once great town In desperation I try to get out But leaving means leaving behind what I can’t live without Can I change or has it just been too long? Doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong if answers can’t be found Cause my time’s invested In turning thoughts to something real I have no time for certainty I have no time to kill It’s labor intensive To let go of resentment I have to say enough’s enough before I can’t get out of this Never satisfied That’s what builds the drive Losing sleep while I daydream away my life Forget and regret every wasted night It’s so hard not to do when there’s no ending in sight Can’t waste time on all that glitters is gold What we build we build with our hands I have to find a way to say that Enough is enough A stone doesn’t worry after lost time But that doesn’t mean that I forget mine And the wind is always blowing away The air is never the same
Maybe 02:41
I’ve been holding in my thoughts Holding in hope that you might stay But for a price you can be bought And Tulsa seems so far away Now I’m dying of suspense It’s fitting And I know it doesn’t matter Because your answer will kill me anyways I’ve heard some people say There’s a distinct difference between Making a life and a living So what’s it gonna be? You won’t find peace out there There’s no need to get impatient Other things will be just as big Stand with me and face it I want you to leave And chase your dreams But where does that Leave me? Maybe I’m just being selfish Maybe it’s for the best So do what you will with this Cause it isn’t over yet I can’t do it alone
I try to find a sense of urgency But since my nerves got shot in the parking lot It’s getting hard to sing I try to care about these days gone by Apathetic to everything I do except tonight I try to see things in a better light But every single night it’s a constant fight To fall asleep on time I get too far inside my head to think I need to shut it down I need to stomp around I need to scream Everything else disappears But the loud ringing sound in your ears So let’s get washed away. Tomorrow we’ll be nearer To what we loved before we started to fear I can’t deny that this means everything To hear you scream and shout my own thoughts out Right back at me I’m feeling better than I have in days With a clearer mind and a sense of what I need to be I wish I knew what was happening here I wish I knew what you could see loud and clear I know I wished for nothing more I know I wished and then I wanted more What more could I ask for than a living room floor?
It was the blinding sun that woke me up And helped me burn away the morning fog Clarity eludes us all, and all in all We can only tell what we recall Let’s get it going before we call it quits Stop telling stories and start building legends The streets are empty But that’s not how the story ends I won’t forget how I found myself in others I learned how to forgive my brother But most importantly I learned I could forgive myself Have you heard this before? Stop me if you’re feeling bored Well I hope you never forget That it took this long To stand proud and tall Well I hope you never forget Hey man, it’s okay Soon I’ll be moving far away Don’t think it’s too late I’ll carry you in my heart every day It’s a lot to take in And it comes from deep within It’s overwhelming now that we see the end You’re gonna have to roll that window up If you wanna get your cigarette lit I can’t believe that I’m still screaming I can’t believe that I’m still breathing


released January 2, 2015

Aaron - Vocals, Guitar
Evan - Bass
Tim -Drums
Dalton - Guitar


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Porchlord Bowling Green, Kentucky

We're a kind of pop punk band from Bowling Green, KY.

Aaron - Vocals/Guitar
Dalton - Guitar
Evan - Bass
Tim - Drums

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